Repairs Prices

  • We do all types of repairs on drysuits including wrist and neck seals, zips replacements and boot replacements.
  • We also repair all types of suits including neoprene, trilaminate and commercial suits.
  • DKG also gives you free advice on all things related to drysuits.
  • DKG do work Australia wide, emergency 24 hour turnaround and generally have a two week turnaround on all suit repairs.
  • We sell the full range of Otter drysuits MTM and standard sizes.

Contact us for honest advice on your dry suit repair.

TPI Back Entry Zip Supply and Fit $450.00
BDM 6 TPI Heavy Duty Supply and Fit $POA
BDM 8 TPI Front Entry Zip Supply and Fit $550.00
Otter Or Light Monkey Low Profile Balanced P Valve Supply and Fit $220.00
Pure Fine Grade Talc – Unscented Supply $4.00
Heavy Duty Bottle Shaped Wrist seals Supply and Fit (Each) $60.00
Heavy Duty Cone Shaped Wrist seals Supply and Fit (Each) $60.00
Sitech Silicon Seals and Docking system Supply and Fit (Approx) $290.00
Sitech / Apeks Valve Supply and Fit $90.00
Inflator Valve Supply and Fit $50.00
Heavy Duty Contour Neck Seal Supply and Fit $120.00
Bellows Neck Seal Supply and Fit $120.00
Rubber dimpled knee pads Heavy duty Fitted (Pair) $80.00
Velcro pockts Medium and Large Supply and Fit (Each) $120.00
Socks Supply and Fit (Pair) $210.00
Boots Supply and Fit (Pair) $220.00
Leak repair and pressure test Test $60.00
 Full range of Weezle apparel  Supply $POA
 Otter suits MTM and standard sizes  Supply $POA


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