Otter Dry Suits

DKG drysuits supply and professional fit otter dry suits. It’s important to get get the right fitting dry suit. We take time to measure and fit you right giving you honest and frank advice. We supply otter dry suits because we use and trust this great product and back them up with quality service and support.

Otter Cordura Travelskin

  • Otter Cordura Travelskin – Telescopic Torso/Body.
  • Made from the new CORDURA VELVET SKIN.
  • The TRAVELSKIN is the new member to the Otter family of drysuits.It is for the diver who loves to travel, but needs a tough light weight Memrane Drysuit.
  • It is made from the new Cordura Velvet Skin,light weight but still tough enough for the wreck/cave divers.
  • Front diaginal Zip with Outer Zipped Cover – Heavy Duty Latex Seals-Double Knee Pads-Reflective Patches-Internal Braces.
  • It comes complete with 4mm neoprene socks and the new style neoprene rock boots.

Otter Mako 2/3mm Suit System

  • The OTTER MAKO Features: 2/3mm Compressed Neoprene-Double Sewn-Double Glued Seams-Front Zip with Zip Flap- Latex Neck and Wristseals Skin Knee Pads.
  • New Otter Rock Boot System- Internal Shoulder
  • Braces/Suspenders and Reflective Patches


Otter Ladies Velvet Skin Drysuit System

  • New to the OTTER Range is the VELVET SKIN, this suit has been specially designed for the Ladies.
  • It is made from a smooth Cordura Trilaminate material which is strong and flexible.
  • This suit is shaped especially for ladies so it is easy to get on and even easier to get out of.

Otter Britannic Dry Suit

  • Technical Super Skin suits have been developed in conjunction with some of the top technical divers and instructors to be one of the safest and driest Membrane drysuits available.
  • The success of the Britannic Expedition 1997 led to the development of this, the top membrane diving suit in the world.
  • Designed for today’s world of deep technical diving, this suit is at home at any depth. Suitable for both technical divers and keen wreck divers alike.
  • Or just pottering around in a river or pond.

Otter Britannic Tech II

Britanic Tech II

  • This super tough suit is manufactured in flexible armour skin now as std
  • neoprene neck warmer as std
  • new style telescopic body with neoprene crutch strap slider
  • choice of pockets
  • big double knee pads
  • dry socks and rock boots as std
  • but any style Otter boots in price
  • Drystyle hood
  • choice of si tech or Apeks valves
  • suit bag zipped changing mat style
  • extra option oval style dry glove system.
  • quick replacement silicone neck seal and oval wrist seals can be added as extras

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