Narked at 90 Stock is in!

DKG Drysuits/rEvo Oz are very happy to announce that we now Narked at 90 agents. First stock shipment arrived today. Currently stocking JJ cells, Inspo CoAx cells, Meg cells etc etc. Making up fischer cables and able to supply the entire Narked range. What this means is, stock is on your doorstep and you can avoid lengthy delays and expensive shipping from Europe. We are also holding stock of fine grade sorb and can be your one stop RB shop.

Cheers Damo


Narked at 90

DKG Drysuits are pleased to announce that we will now be distributing Narked at 90 products. We will be supporting all types of rebreathers and consumables required including all types of  cells.

This compliments our current affiliation selling quality European made products. The Narked at 90 full range and Australian prices will soon be available on our site.

We will have stock in Australia for many common items at a fair price with speedy delivery.

Stay tuned for prices and products!


2013-07-23 14.08.31

Our newest rEvo RB diver in OZ.

Welcome Robert Boulden to CCR and drysuit diving. Happy rEvo – ing…

Robert flew in from QLD today to pick up his new toy/s, and we spent a few hours in the workshop going over all the finer points. It is great to see the CCR community is growing every day in OZ.

rEvo Micro FT, rMS eCCR with Petrel controller. Keep us updated Robert on your progress!





Check out the new tool my trusty offsider John McMillian has made. A customer of mine got talking about a tool that would be handy and we upped the anti and made it. It is for all BCD inflators and more specifically designed to remove the button assembly from the rEvo MAV.




rEvo Trip Report Nullarbor 2013

Nullarbor 2013: When you hear about how hard it is travelling to the Nullarbor to dive it is not an exaggeration.

We took 9 rEvo divers from around the country to dive and have an adventure. Thanks so much to Gary Barclay  and Linda Claridge for being our guides. Also thanks to Liz Rogers and Gary Barclay for some fantastic shots. It was an amazing adventure and as you can see from some of the photos it is not for the faint hearted or for equipment that is not tough.



Hard as it was it was also extremely rewarding and the rEvo’s and equipment went beautifully. You are never going to get away with your rebreathers not getting knocks and bumps but the robust design of the rEvo’s performed amazingly.

weebubbie 4


24 hours of driving, 2 weeks of every element the weather could throw at us, rain, storms, mud, heat, flies. The group was fantastic with everyone working together as a unit and although I can’t remember ever working that hard for a dive it was a trip I don’t think I will ever forget.